Technology Info

I have now added a page where I shall try and keep some updated links, thoughts, and reviews of anything technology related that catches my eye.

It also contains my MythTV diary.

Famous for Five Minutes

Amazingly, Sophie made it on to the front page of our local newspaper this week,

A reporter rang Sophie at home, having presumably obtained her details from the council, to get her comments on the housing development that is proposed next door. Little did Sophie know that her comments were going to make up the bulk of the article, which was the front page, headline story this week! Click on the photo and then select ‘All Sizes’ to see it in a readable format.
Sophie's news

Goodbye Web Site, Hello Blog

I decided that I was fed up mucking about with HTML and FTP whenever I wanted to add a new comment or photo to my web site, so I’ve decided to leap in to the 21st century (only a few years late!) by starting a WordPress Blog to add comments and to use Flickr to store my photos.

This combination of technologies opens up whole new horizons for you, my lucky readers!

If you like, you can leave comments about any of the rubbish that I write about. Give it a try, I dare you!

If you are really dedicated, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of my Blogs or Flickr photos, to keep up to date with what is going on in my little world. There’s an RSS tag at the bottom of the page.
I have opened a Flickr account which, for $24 a year, gives me unlimited space to upload all my photos. You can see a nice little, ever changing, montage of photos over on the right. Click on this, to see my photos. I have categorised them in to sets to make life easier. You can also leave comments about the photos once you are there.

Being an online sort of guy, I also subscribe to an online bookmark service, Spurl, which allows me to access my bookmarks from wherever I am. Thanks to the wonders of Spurl and WordPress you can see all my bookmarks over on the right, you never know, you might find something you like there!

My master plan, now that it is so easy, is to make posts and add photos more regularly than I ever did. It’ll never happen, but at least I have no excuse now!!