I’ve finally uploaded some more photos to Flickr.

You can see some shots of the Geneva Motor Show when I went with Pat (and managed to lose my camera) here, or our Easter trip to Shropshire for Louis’ 10th birthday.

I now need to buy a new camera!

Happy New Year!

The first update of 2007!

Christmas and New Year were great! We spent Christmas at home or at Sophie’s mother’s house, and then we spent the New Year with our friends Heinrich and Weltraud in Leuth in Germany.

Emily was away skiing with her school at Les Arcs.

Sophie’s 5K run for charity

Today Sophie successfully completed the Hydroactive Women’s Challenge 5K run in Hyde Park. Her chosen charity was Diabetes UK.

We went to support her with Emily and Immogen and spent a very nice morning in the park, followed by lunch paid for with Tesco vouchers at Sticky Fingers in High St Ken.

Sophie completed the run with ease, despite the huge number of runners which I thought would slow her down, and beat her personal best by 2 mins, by completing the run in 34mins.

Afterwards we walked from Hyde Park along High St Kensington to the Sticky Fingers restaurant which is owned by Bill Wyman of Rolling Stones fame, and is a great place for burgers, steaks and ribs.

You can see a few pics here. These photos have been Geotagged so you can see, roughly, where they were taken.

Lee’s Albums

I’ve been using an online database tool called ZohoCreator to create some simple databases recently. It’s a fairly simple tool but it’s getting better and does have a simple scripting language to allow you to do some basic validation.

I have created a database of all my old Albums for all to see.

Puerto Pollenca Mallorca

We’ve just returned from our main summer hols in Puerto Pollenca Mallorca where we had a lovely time. We booked through Travel Club of Upminster which I would recommend. They seem to specialise in relatively quiet, family oriented, hotels and apartments. The only problems we had with the whole holiday were that we flew with First Choice Airlines and there was a 7hr delay at Gatwick on the way out, and a 1.5 hr delay on the way back due to missing passengers. The terrorists didn’t bother us at all, apart from not having a book to read on the way back.

Puerto Pollenca is a busy place in peak season but it’s nice to just sit in one of the many beach-side bars and watch the world go by. Our favourite restaurant was called The Coral, which is just off the main promenade towards the Northern end. This describes everything you need to know about the place.

We didn’t do much generally, but we did take a catamaran trip around the bay which enabled us to swim in some pretty bays. Emily had a wind surfing lesson which was well worth the money as by the end of it she was doing pretty well. We hired a car (a very nice, new, Fiesta) for one day and drove along the Northern coast, through the mountains, to visit old Pollenca, the Monastary at Lluc, and Deia where Robert Graves lived (very limited parking, especially near his house). In Deia we had a nice lunch at Restaurant Jaime We also took the bus to Palma for the day to see the cathedral and wander around the old town.

The one thing we didn’t get to do was take the train ride from Soller to Palma, which everyone recommended, but was difficult to do without a car.

You can see our photos here.

MG Car Club Silverstone International 2006

I went with Arnie to the MGCC 2006 Silverstone International event yesterday. MGs from every decade were on show and racing, including Metros and Maestros, but no Mondeos, they are probably too naff for even the most hard core MG fan, or they have rusted away 🙂 There are a couple of photos over on Flickr.
You can see the official web site here and even see timing for the races here.

Beijing Diary

I have found the diary I wrote whilst in Beijing. It was lurking on my old laptop which had a dodgy hard disk and which I had given up for dead. However, I did manage to get Windows loaded for long enough to retrieve the diary.

I have given it a page of it’s own under the Travel tab up at the top of the page. It is currently unedited so apologies for the numerous spullling mistooks.

Emily’s birthday

Emily is 12 today, Happy Birthday Emily !!

Thankfully she went to a disco party last night so we didn’t have to arrange a party for her.

The party was in Wimbledon so Sophie and I dropped Emily plus friends off, and then explored Wimbledon Village for the evening. It is a cool place, the common (famous for Wombles of course) was very busy, with a fun fair and lots of people picnicing and playing sports.

The village is a very trendy affair with a continuous line of bars, pubs, restaurants and boutiques stretching along the high street, each with their own Ferrari parked outside, well, we saw two parked outside restaurants, on double yellow lines of course.

We had a beer in a nice, old fashioned Youngs pub. Outside it was heaving with youngsters all celebrating the start of the World Cup, so we sat in the cool inside. We than went for a burger at Jo Schmo’s. It was delicious.

Today Emily has a music concert in the afternoon, which clashes with England’s first match, sure to annoy many parents who are supposed to be watching their young ones playing!

Technology Info

I have now added a page where I shall try and keep some updated links, thoughts, and reviews of anything technology related that catches my eye.

It also contains my MythTV diary.