April Stuff

Last night we went with Emily and Sylvie to see the Billy Elliot stage musical in Victoria. It was excellent and is highly recommended by this theatre critic.

The whole cast looked like they were really enjoying it, especially Billy.

At the weekend we said a sad farewell to my cousin Annette who is emigrating to New Zealand with her ‘boyfriend’ Kevin. There are some photos on Flickr. Good luck to them both.



I’ve finally uploaded some more photos to Flickr.

You can see some shots of the Geneva Motor Show when I went with Pat (and managed to lose my camera) here, or our Easter trip to Shropshire for Louis’ 10th birthday.

I now need to buy a new camera!

Happy New Year!

The first update of 2007!

Christmas and New Year were great! We spent Christmas at home or at Sophie’s mother’s house, and then we spent the New Year with our friends Heinrich and Weltraud in Leuth in Germany.

Emily was away skiing with her school at Les Arcs.

MG Car Club Silverstone International 2006

I went with Arnie to the MGCC 2006 Silverstone International event yesterday. MGs from every decade were on show and racing, including Metros and Maestros, but no Mondeos, they are probably too naff for even the most hard core MG fan, or they have rusted away 🙂 There are a couple of photos over on Flickr.
You can see the official web site here and even see timing for the races here.

Emily’s birthday

Emily is 12 today, Happy Birthday Emily !!

Thankfully she went to a disco party last night so we didn’t have to arrange a party for her.

The party was in Wimbledon so Sophie and I dropped Emily plus friends off, and then explored Wimbledon Village for the evening. It is a cool place, the common (famous for Wombles of course) was very busy, with a fun fair and lots of people picnicing and playing sports.

The village is a very trendy affair with a continuous line of bars, pubs, restaurants and boutiques stretching along the high street, each with their own Ferrari parked outside, well, we saw two parked outside restaurants, on double yellow lines of course.

We had a beer in a nice, old fashioned Youngs pub. Outside it was heaving with youngsters all celebrating the start of the World Cup, so we sat in the cool inside. We than went for a burger at Jo Schmo’s. It was delicious.

Today Emily has a music concert in the afternoon, which clashes with England’s first match, sure to annoy many parents who are supposed to be watching their young ones playing!

Goodbye Web Site, Hello Blog

I decided that I was fed up mucking about with HTML and FTP whenever I wanted to add a new comment or photo to my web site, so I’ve decided to leap in to the 21st century (only a few years late!) by starting a WordPress Blog to add comments and to use Flickr to store my photos.

This combination of technologies opens up whole new horizons for you, my lucky readers!

If you like, you can leave comments about any of the rubbish that I write about. Give it a try, I dare you!

If you are really dedicated, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of my Blogs or Flickr photos, to keep up to date with what is going on in my little world. There’s an RSS tag at the bottom of the page.
I have opened a Flickr account which, for $24 a year, gives me unlimited space to upload all my photos. You can see a nice little, ever changing, montage of photos over on the right. Click on this, to see my photos. I have categorised them in to sets to make life easier. You can also leave comments about the photos once you are there.

Being an online sort of guy, I also subscribe to an online bookmark service, Spurl, which allows me to access my bookmarks from wherever I am. Thanks to the wonders of Spurl and WordPress you can see all my bookmarks over on the right, you never know, you might find something you like there!

My master plan, now that it is so easy, is to make posts and add photos more regularly than I ever did. It’ll never happen, but at least I have no excuse now!!