PC Build

I thought I’d start by mentioning the only two problems that I had once the PC was built. These were both caused because I was using Vista 64 bit and some software wasn’t compatible with this.

The first was regarding my scanner, an ancient Epson Perfection 640U, as Epson doesn’t supply a Twain driver for Vista 64 bit.  I didn’t really spend too much time looking for any free open-source alternative, instead I bought VueScan from http://www.hamrick.com. This provides a nice alternative.

The second problem was with the Cisco VPN software that I use to connect to my office network. Cisco don’t provide a direct 64 bit alternative. I had to use a combintaion of open-source products to overcome this issue. After some digging I found that I needed OpenVPN for the virtual network interface it provided, and VPNC as the VPN client. The easiest way to get both of these working together was to install ‘VPNC Front End‘ which combines them both with a simple front end interface. The only change that I had to make to get this working was to reduce the MTU size of the new virtual network adapter to 1300 from 1500. You can then import the PCF file that you were using with the Cisco product and away you go!