The longest day has passed already

Don’t you think that it’s always a sad day when you start the downhill slide towards Winter?

Since my last Swine Flu post Emily’s school was closed for a week because of it and Sophie was actually put on Tamiflu. Thankfully it was all a false alarm which will hopefully be the case for Swine Flu in general.

We went to Barcelona for a long weekend and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

E has just come back from a trip to Belgium and France visiting war graves so I hope to have some photos to upload soon.

I have updated the web site with some more social networking bits and bobs. You can now catch a glimse of what music I have been listening to, thanks to Last.FM, and I have added a Twitter feed. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever post anything to Twitter but it’s there just in case I do.

Summer is well and truly upon us and we haven’t booked a holiday yet.

Oh yes, Sophie is doing a sponsored walk in the Namib desert of Namibia. Should you feel so inclined then you can read about it here and sponsor her here.