How to stop my children (or my husband) from viewing pornographic web sites? This is a common question that I am asked (actually no one has ever asked this question, but they might one day).

The answer is OpenDNS. This works by filtering the Domain Name requests that your PC makes every time you visit a web site.

First, register on the web site.  Then you have to change the DNS settings for your PC or router to use the OpenDNS servers instead of the default DNS servers provided by your ISP. Details can be found here. It is better to update your router rather than a PC so that ALL PCs in your house are protected.

Next you have to tell OpenDNS what IP address you have been allocated by your ISP. You can do this here. Because the IP address that your ISP gives you can change you can install some software on your PC that will keep OpenDNS updated with your current address. OpenDNS provides the necessary software at the above site. Alternatively, your router might provide a DDNS option that does the same thing. My router (a Linksys WRT-54G) has this feature and I have set it up to use DNSomatic which keeps multiple sites updated with your IP address.

Finally you go here to set the level of protection that you want. I found that Low is adequate to stop any pornograpic web sites. You can also block categories like Social Networking to block things like Facebook, or P2P/Filesharing to stop illegal music downloads. It is also possible to block or allow specific web sites.

It works for me and I hope that it works for you too.