Quite Interesting

I have decided to do do some Public Service Blogging, well, sort of.

I keep all my Bookmarks on an online bookmarking site called Delicious.  This allows you to store your bookmarks online (Duh) and tag them so you can group links together. You can see all my tags and their associated links here.

It goes without saying that most of them are of no interest to any one but me but, some of them might be, so I have now created a tag called ‘interesting’ (can you see where I’m going with this yet?).

There is now a ‘Quite Interesting’ link over on the right to see a list of links to articles that I think someone else might be, err, interested in.

I don’t know if you will find them interesting or not, that is up to you. Either way, don’t bother telling me unless one of them changes your life in some unimaginable way.

Something else that is Quite Interesting is that once you start to store your bookmarks online then you can use the Delicious Firefox/IE addon from here to totally replace your normal bookmarks stored within your browser. Well, I like it even if you don’t.