iGoogle tabs

This might interest someone.

I use iGoogle to define my customized home page. As well as allowing you to add ‘Gadgets’ to your home page showing various snippets of information, you can also group gadgets together under their own tabs within the home page. The picture below should give you the idea.


This week Google, in their infinite wisdom, decided to change the way that they implemented the tabs so that they were displayed down the left hand side of the page, taking up a lot more space on the screen. See the picture below.

iGoogle with new tabs on left
iGoogle with new tabs on left

Google had already made this change on the www.google.com/ig home page some time ago, which caused an uproar on the blogs. The solution that most people used was to switch to using the UK version at www.google.co.uk/ig, but now Google has changed that to use the new version as well.

Thankfully there is a fix that works, at least for the moment. You can use www.google.co.uk/ig?hl=all which reverts to the previous method.

I hope that this is of some help to someone.